About Delftsche Voetbal Club (DVC)
Delftsche Voetbal Club (DVC), was founded in March 1908 by a group of around 20 youths from Delft, mainly consisting of middle-class individuals.

For a long time, there was uncertainty: should they play football or form a bowling club? Eventually, it became a football club with a non-competitive image, placing emphasis on enjoyment.

Our goals
The goal of our football club is to train young individuals into club-oriented people who can continually elevate the game of football and potentially contribute to the ongoing existence of our association in various roles. Sport and enjoyment go hand in hand, where often the sport is not the end goal but a means—a victory achieved through good play and harmonious cooperation has proven its worth time and again in history.

New Member Registration
If you also want to join the most enjoyable football club in Delft and the surrounding area, sign up now. Our vision is that everyone—young, old, people with disabilities—should be able to play football, of course, under the supervision of our trainers and leaders. DVC also stands for sportsmanship and fun. We have exciting activities throughout the entire season for both young and old.